The most detailed guide for who started bodybuilding

Guidelines for both man and woman beginner bodybuilding. This article will show you step by step in preparation, research knowledge to be able to achieve the most efficient and correct way.

This post will be very detailed for who started bodybuilding so let take a moment to read, there will be a lot of useful information for you there.

Maybe for all most people, period of time from a desire to gym until was in the gym and buy tickets episode was the most difficult period, especially fighting with yourself is the most difficult.

Which is enough sophistry or absurd reasons for lack of knowledge about bodybuilding :

- I'm busy , I do a lot of work , I do not have time ...

- I'm sick like this, how to lift weights ...

- I like this fat can not lose weight despite lifelong fitness

- I was a girl, if fitness is going to like Hulk muscles

- It costs money ...

- I have atrophied Fitness some parts go not ???

- I'm training to be obese and stay out , saggy bad formidable

- I set out to be too much to look so bad

The reasons just heard from rumors, there is no evidence . There's something small to go immediately as you want ! Not every episode is to get a head start ! Learn the knowledge of fitness , you will not be afraid anymore.

When started in training, the first week will be tormented physically and mentally with you, what is the pain of people, use 1 hour of weight training and treadmill training without playing game at home, go snacking afternoon, go shopping ..

So, what do the beginner need to know? What knowledge should we know about gym to spend less time but got the most effective, to have enough motivation to pursue and turning it into passion?

This article with the most detailed guide for who started bodybuilding will help you, show you the way, the steps to take when they begin Gym:

    The first step: You need to know what you get when you go to the gym?

Determining this will help you find the training methods and nutrition fit:- You come GYM to have a healthy body- You come GYM to maximize your muscle- You come GYM to lose weight- You come GYM to gain weight    

    Step 2: Develop training motivation, determination for yourself

The first week is a difficult period, the majority of those who quit will fail within this period. But those who pass this test period will have the love and passion for this sport, the body will gradually become better and you will not be lazy anymore. Give yourself a target and motivation to be able to gym every day, training hard to get body like your idols.

    Step 3: Facilities suitable priced, convenient way to get there

A high-level gym accompanied by a price was not pleasant at all, but really you did not use all instruments in that room, high prices is to buy its services only.Select comfort room of your route, it should be located in a favorable position for reasons you can not get too far away to escape to the gym.Select the workout room atmosphere cheerful, airy, enthusiastic coach and important is that you enjoy doing there.If you are a woman, please contact in advance if there is a phone number, ask if there are many women who practice or not? instructor-led training are women or not?

    Step 4: Should you find a partner?

Nothing amazing by having one person you knowing about bodybuilding go train with you and guide you.But what also has its dark side, if you have one partner who is lazy workout, or hide, have no interest in actually practicing it is wrong to go with them, they'll drag you down with them soon only.So, it's best to try to find an experienced person to lead you to the early days with Gym.If not, go to practice alone with the highest determination, delve into the knowledge of the gym at home before going to training.

    Step 5: Learn the knowledge to know about bodybuilding, how to accomplish your goals

There are some guys told me to lose weight but want to practice all week just normal weight, no cardio, eating sloppy => consequences of an increase in fat, then the blame gym ineffective, but I have to reaffirm once again that go to the Gym really effective. Just done the wrong way only.

There are women who want to lose weight (this number pretty much there), to the gym as bee 1 week 6-7 days, but let's see what they practice at the gym:

The first 15 minutes: Change clothes, rest a while.

The next 30 minutes or maybe longer: Sitting and chatting to wait until a treadmill or cardio machine (that actually you do not know, cardio is just part of our method to reduce fat, women may file with normal weights without fear of loud or rough, slimming effect of weight training, much less cardio).

The next 10 to 20 minutes: relax on the treadmill (with 15 minutes of exercise, your body just burn all the sugar in muscle, fat incipient use of energy to burn, you get to stop training, Zero fat loss results in. After 15 minutes, the new fat loss workouts really effective).

The next 15 minutes: change clothes and head rest. When out of the gym is starting to take a snack, get together for comfortable dining. After a long time they did not lose weight is to blame inefficient gym. So stop all, they no longer hope in reducing fat.

There are some women continue to look for diet pills, horrible than they try steroids to reduce fat.These phenomena occur because you did not understand before going to practice, do not know what to do, practice what, how to use the tools! Therefore, to learn before exercising is very important.

    Step 6: Training, research, self-perceived, correcting and training

Give yourself the habit of learning, research often new knowledge about bodybuilding.

The principles of training, general knowledge has a certain generality, but each one is a separate entity, with health, the starting point, various bone structure and agencies. Do your research and use them one way suits you.

* Translation from GymLord blog

Jerry Dang